Sunday, August 27, 2006

Find a California Beach Vacation Rental

California beach vacation rentals are so incredibly easy to find that all you need do is be looking for a real, full-time place to live and get hit with the hundreds of ads for California beach vacation rentals, instead. It is maddening for a desperate person in transition, but for one who is looking for actual weekend fling space, it is Valhalla in disguise.

So, how do you find these California beach vacation rentals with little effort and even fewer lies? Go to Craigslist and look in the HOUSING section. See? That’s pretty deceptive a category, for most of us would interpret it to mean places to “house” yourself for longer than a dip in the sea. Anyway, type in a minimum and maximum dollar amount, say 100.00 to 300.00.

Here is an example of what you will be made privy to, year round (I am doing this in August, so the offerings are going to be either plentiful (with no one taking up California beach vacation rentals because they are strapped—because of the damned war—or with very few options because most are all taken, in use right now, having been advertised MONTHS ago…say in February):

In Cedar Pines there is a large one-bedroom loft that sleeps six, for $125 a night. The ad says staying here is like “roughing it” in a five-star resort. Hmmm. I’m thinking woods, a sleeping bag, a knife, and a first aid kit, but evidently, it’s a sprawling cabin deal with appliances, electricity, lights, gas cooking and heating, etc.. Whatever floats your summertime boat….

In Santa Cruz there are places like the “mid-week special”, a bed and breakfast inn deal for $165 a day—which is right on (or a few yards away from) the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Emeryville touts a $225 special, a fully furnished condo on the bay, with double bunk beds and views and local sites that make this a contender in the California beach vacation rentals market despite its price…for it is for the upcoming Labor Day, when it for many it is well worth a grand to get away.

And, of course, there is Tahoe, with everything from Incline Village prestige to West Shore (North Tahoe) remodeled and rustic cabin play.

Much further south you can of course find California beach vacation rentals that run from 200 a night for a Mammoth Lake condo to the 7900! On the ocean Malibu spread.

So hey, what’s your weekend sanity worth!?